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Our approach towards Sustainability

Time for leadership

Since “An Inconvenient Truth”, there has been little progress in the fight against climate change and any other environmental issues, despite countless initiatives and trillions of investments. With our way of living and producing, global warming exceeds well beyond 1.5 degrees. Deep-rooted reflexes of our human brain, such as procrastination, preference for immediate reward over delayed gratification, and over-optimism, slow down necessary changes. It is time for vision and leadership.

Multiple transitions

The transition to a sustainable world is complex. It extends beyond just combating global warming. Our investment policy focuses on climate change, biodiversity loss, and the waste of water and resources. We seek out companies that are already making a positive impact, as well as those that have the will and potential to make their processes and products more sustainable, thereby increasing their impact.

Consistent in style

In a world where greenwashing is a hot topic, we see that politicians, regulators, and media sometimes struggle to recognize the importance of certain companies for the transition. This does not deter us from making our own choices, even if it sometimes leads to controversy. We adhere to our investment style. We rely on our sustainability framework, which is based on 30 years of experience and deep knowledge of transition issues.


What we shape, shapes us. We ourselves are part of the system we seek to change. Therefore, we don’t focus solely on investing. We also influence the economic system and the companies in which we invest. Understanding that our direct influence is limited due to our scale, we seek partnerships to amplify our impact. Systemic change requires broad, large-scale efforts and collaboration on all fronts.


Innovative studies and international partnerships are of great importance to our sustainability strategy. For instance, our collaboration with Satelligence provides valuable information on global deforestation, while our partnership with Green Praxis ensures measurable data on biodiversity around palm oil plantations.

Annual Sustainability Report 2022

Our sustainability report outlines our efforts over the past year, including our investments, work with clients, and the themes central to our approach. We discuss our progress, our passion, and our pride in addressing this urgent challenge.


Our 2022 sustainability report covers topics such as the role of stewardship and engagement, sustainability focus within LDI (Liability-Driven Investment), biodiversity and water neutrality, liability buy-in transactions, impact investing, and our contributions within Cardano.