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About Cardano

We achieve sustainable growth and financial resilience with a different, unique approach.

About us

We help pension funds, insurers, banks, and asset managers exceed the expectations of their participants and clients. We go beyond mere returns. With our services, our clients provide their participants or customers with a high level of pension security and convenience, while simultaneously enabling a safe and sustainable world. Together, as partners, we contribute to the quality of life of people.

Our people are our strength. Our specialists look at the bigger picture, understand the challenging context and goals of our clients. With their knowledge and innovative mindset, they solve complex problems. This enables our clients to offer their participants or customers more returns, more impact, more simplicity, and less risk.

Expert with 25 years experience

Since our inception, we have been pioneers in the field of financial risk management and sustainable investing. In 25 years, we have become experts in increasing both financial and non-financial impact. In our home markets of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, we manage €60 billion in assets for approximately 70 entities and indirectly serve over 1.5 million individuals. With most of our clients, we have established strategic partnerships lasting 10 years or longer.




institutional asset management clients


€ billion in assets under management


Our team forms the heart of our success and that of our clients. Highly skilled specialists, driven by passion, and going beyond traditional investment professionals. We are curious, eager to learn, and committed to our clients, each other, and our world. We embrace the big picture and understand the complexity of the world, where superficial analyses are not enough.


The strength of our team lies in diversity, with experts from different cultures and industries. We believe that diverse perspectives yield enriched insights, leading to more effective risk management and impact.