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From Return to Impactful Returns

We offer specialized services and investment strategies aimed at providing more pension security, convenience, and sustainability. With advisory, asset management, impact management, and operational partnership, we support you in every aspect of the investment process. Effective, practical, and cost-efficient.

Overview of our Services

  • Advice

    The external developments continuously demand policy adaptation at every level.
  • Impact management

    Impact investing becomes an integral part of the investment policy and requires strategic vision, policy, and professional implementation.
  • Asset management

    Investing is about more than just financial returns; it increases pension security and enables the sustainability transition.
  • Partnerships

    Operational ease is achieved by implementing a smart structure in the wealth management process.


How do you optimize your investments and objectives in response to a changing world? With economic shifts, new laws and regulations, and the pressure on sustainability, tightened policies are necessary at every level. From strategie to implementation. We design this together with you. We map out objectives, risks, opportunities, and constraints. Through various perspectives and specialties, we advise you on a new way of thinking and new policies.

Impact management

How can you implement the impact portfolio as efficiently as possible and increase impact? Investing in impact funds is growing, but it’s complex and uncertain. We take away that complexity for you. With Impact Management, impact investing becomes an integral part of your investment policy. We develop, implement, and manage the impact policy. That’s comprehensive support throughout the process while you maintain control.

Asset management

How do you ensure that an investment yields more than just returns? It should lead to pension security and positively contribute to the transition to a sustainable world: creating impact. Together with clients, we develop strategies for specific goals, with tailor-made solutions. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of investment strategies through investment funds. Whether you want to invest a large sum of money for yourself, participants, or clients, our strategies are effective, cost-efficient, and considerate of risks and sustainability.

Operational Partnerships

How do you bring more structure to asset management? How do you reduce costs and increase flexibility? With Cardano as your partner, you achieve these objectives. Simplifying structures brings operational benefits.


We advise on the architecture and the legal and tax design of the implementation. We build and manage the structure, manage the assets, and take full responsibility.