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Sustainable Investment Strategies

Investing is not just about financial returns. It should contribute to the transition towards a sustainable world. That’s why we offer a diverse range of sustainable investment strategies across different asset classes.

ESG Transition Equity Europe

This strategy is designed for sustainable investors seeking a concentrated European equity portfolio, free from companies that are harmful to or do not contribute to a sustainable world. With a highly concentrated portfolio of 50 to 80 carefully selected companies, this strategy aligns with our commitment to a sustainable future. We select companies that are leaders in sustainability, financially stable, and have promising prospects. In short, companies that are willing to change, already operate sustainably, or provide solutions for a sustainable transition and can reap the benefits thereof. We thoroughly know and monitor each company we invest in and maintain a long-term focus.

Climate Credit

This strategy invests in renewable energy projects, promoting sustainable energy in emerging markets with the aim of achieving climate impact. This requires, among other things, local knowledge and networks, which is why we collaborate with Climate Fund Managers (CFM). They propose projects for refinancing and conduct thorough suitability research. Cardano conducts comprehensive risk and compliance assessments, followed by approval by the Investment Committee, issuance of loans, and then monitoring and reporting.

Green, Social & Sustainable Euro Credit

This strategy offers sustainable investors the opportunity to diversify their investments in sustainable corporate bonds that have a positive impact on people, society, and the environment. Moreover, these bonds are issued by sustainable companies and companies actively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as established by the United Nations (UN).

ESG Transition Enhanced Index

This strategy is for sustainable investors seeking a globally diversified equity portfolio, but without companies that are harmful to or unwilling or unable to contribute to the transition to a sustainable world. We invest in a sustainable subset of the MSCI World Index, exclude companies that violate international norms, and optimize the portfolio for a close reflection of the benchmark characteristics.

Financial Inclusion

This strategy focuses on providing financing for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and improving the financial well-being of households in developing countries. Country risk, currency perspectives, and interest rates are carefully considered in the selection criteria. We then select local financial institutions that offer financial products and services to SMEs. This requires local knowledge and networks, which is why we collaborate with Developing World Markets (DWM). After potential financial institutions are approved by DWM’s investment committee, proposals are sent to Cardano’s Investment Committee for final approval.

Impact Equity

This strategy aims for financial returns with a conscious positive social and environmental impact. It focuses on energy transition, social inclusion, efficient resource utilization, and sustainable well-being. It globally invests in equities of companies offering solutions to real-world challenges. Non-compliance with sustainability or intentional criteria may result in exclusion, with the goal of achieving positive financial and social returns and emphasizing both financial and non-financial value creation.

ESG Transition Emerging Markets Debt

This strategy employs a sustainable investment policy and invests through a systematic process in government bonds and bonds issued by state-owned enterprises from emerging markets. In addition to aiming to at least match the benchmark’s returns, a more diversified and sustainable portfolio is built compared to the benchmark. When assessing country risk, social-ethical issues such as human rights, freedom, and controversial weapons are taken into account.