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Our story


Risk management is about looking ahead. Without a crystal ball. But with an understanding of how complex systems such as the economy and nature operate. Developing strategies for resilience and prosperity based on well-founded insights.

But what if, as a risk manager, you see something looming that is so fundamental and so profound that it changes your view of the world and the role you play in it? Then you adapt. You evolve. And that’s exactly what we have done.

Quality of life

The decision to deploy our activities, expertise, and services for a sustainable world was not made overnight. In fact, investing with an eye on quality of life has been central to us from the very beginning.

Then came the realization; enjoying life also requires a safe and pleasant environment. And due to the undeniable effect of the depletion of natural resources, that environment was suddenly no longer guaranteed. The system is, if we do not act, on the brink of collapse. A new reality, one that we as risk managers cannot ignore. And thus began our great transformation.

A new Cardano

Along the way, we found a fellow traveller in the former ACTIAM, experts in investments with positive climate, nature, and societal impact for 30 years. We welcomed them into the Cardano family, enhancing our experience as strategic risk thinkers with their expertise. Eagerly learning from each other’s knowledge and insights, we built together towards our powerful shared vision.

Now, after 2 years, we stand as one Cardano with our feet firmly planted in the rapidly evolving world of sustainable investing. We explore the terrain, pave the way, and guide our clients to the places where impact and results come together optimally. As authorities and antagonists. As idealists and realists. As pioneers spearheading a major transition in the investment world, with promising opportunities for financial, societal, and climate sustainability.

Innovative solutions

What do we truly do differently? Nowadays, almost every investment product makes some degree of sustainability claim. However, these claims are often based on conventional and outdated principles. Creating real positive impact is not as simple as investing in already well-funded “green success stories.”

Real impact requires an integrated vision of the complex interplay between nature, climate, and social cohesion. It demands adaptability and courage to continuously adapt to changing circumstances and priorities while simultaneously opting for long-term solutions. It means not taking the easy road.

And that’s precisely what we bring to the table; with our combined expertise in strategic thinking, financial risk management, and sustainability, we are uniquely positioned to define bold strategies and refreshing solutions that create as much value for the world as for the investment portfolio.

Are you as serious as we are about making a real difference? Then we are eager to be your trusted guide to the fruitful future of sustainable investing.