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We are Cardano

Cardano to be acquired by Marsh McLennan’s Mercer

Marsh McLennan’s Mercer announced today that it reached an agreement to acquire Cardano.

Leader towards a sustainable world

And then there’s the internet. In 1993, consumers gain access. It gives our lives a whole new dimension. No one can foresee how it will change the world. The innovators embrace it from the start and develop a new vision. The majority wait and see.

Now there is the transition to a sustainable society. Making an impact. Return on investment alone is no longer sufficient. A new economic and social paradigm will guide our lives.

It demands a new vision on successful entrepreneurship, how you maintain your right to exist, and investing. It requires a new mindset and new methods. And leadership. Cardano helps you with this. Together, we define a clear vision, set concrete goals, and assist you in implementing them.

Exceeding expectations together

Our goal is to help pension funds, insurers, banks, and asset managers exceed the expectations of their participants or clients. This goes beyond delivering good returns. With our services, you provide your participants or clients with a high level of pension security and convenience, while also contributing to creating a safe and sustainable world. Together, we enhance the quality of their lives in surprising ways.

25 years of experience

Since our inception, we have distinguished ourselves as pioneers in financial risk management and sustainable investing. Over 25 years, we have grown into experts in increasing both financial and non-financial impact. In the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, we manage assets worth €60 billion for approximately 70 entities, reaching over 1.5 million individuals. We maintain strong relationships with our clients, often lasting ten years or more.

Our services

We offer specialized services and investment strategies aimed at creating pension security, convenience, and sustainability. With these, we support you in every step of the investment process.