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Legal & Compliance

Privacy notice

Cardano Risk Management B.V. collects personal data in its capacity as an employer as well as in order to conduct its business. In the privacy statements below, we inform you of the personal data we collect, why we collect this data and what we do with it.

Please download here the Clients and Business Privacy Notice on how we handle the personal data we collect from our customers, business contacts, suppliers, etc.

Please download here the Recruitment and Employee Privacy Notice on how we handle the personal data we collect from our employees and applicants.

Telephone Call Recording

Cardano records some incoming and outgoing telephone conversations for the purposes of compliance with regulatory requirements. Recordings will take place without warning tones or any other notice. Recordings will be retained for 5 years and will be made available to Clients upon request.

Handling complaints

Download here the document Handling Complaints for more information.

Cardano Execution Policy

Download here the Execution Policy April 2021 from Cardano.

MiFID-II RTS28: annual 2018 report

Download here our MiFID-II RTS28 – annual 2020 report.

Download here our MIFID-II RTS28 – annual 2019 report.

Cardano Risk Management BV Disclosures June 2022

Download here our Cardano Disclosures.

WSW Allocation Policy

Download here the WSW Allocation Policy.

Remuneration Cardano Risk Management B.V.

Summary Remuneration Policy

Cardano Risk Management BV and Cardano Risk Management Limited have a Remuneration Policy. The Group Remuneration Committee oversees adherence to the Policy. As well as local regulatory requirements, the Remuneration Policy takes into account the CEBS Guidelines on Remuneration Policies and Practices and EBA remuneration guidelines.

Colleague performance is assessed against the objectives set at the start of the performance year for each employee. These colleague objectives are derived from the wider business strategic objectives. This ensures colleague performance is assessed based on contribution to the business strategic objectives including sustainability risk management. The colleague objectives contain at least one objective regarding sustainability.

Good risk management increases profit and the profit sharing pool available and profit share awards /  variable remuneration will be adjusted for a material failure of risk management by an employee or business unit. In this way the Remuneration Policy ensures that the remuneration strategies of Cardano Risk Management BV and Cardano Risk Management Limited are aligned with the corporate risk profile, risk appetite, and business strategy, and do not encourage employees to take risks that run counter to either Cardano’s or clients’ long-term interests.

In addition to the Remuneration Policy, sustainability risks are managed through the Corporate and Investment Sustainability policies and the alignment of our investment approach and policies with clients’ appetites for sustainable investment exposures underpinned by the integration of ESG risk management.

This ensures that sustainability risk management is integrated into colleagues day to day activity, whether it be approach to travel, the use of technology, decisions in respect to the selection of Cardano offices, managing ESG risks in investment portfolios or developing strategies that include sustainable investment exposures.

Download here the Remuneration Policy 2020.

Cardano Group Code of Conduct

Read the Cardano Group Code of Conduct here.