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Our Services

Together with the implementation of the LDI strategy, we offer our clients risk management services, reliable execution and in-depth knowledge of the Dutch pension context.

Risk management service

In today’s turbulent interest rate environment, a pension fund needs specialized risk management services rather than hedging products. We therefore offer expert guidance and custom solutions at all levels of the interest rate hedging policy. To this end, we combine our expertise pertaining to financial markets, risk management, laws and regulations and pension systems. With our help, our clients create adaptability and control over the effectiveness of their hedging. The result is a balance sheet with only wanted risks on it.

Reliable execution

Our implementation platform was largely developed in house and is designed to serve the interests of pension funds during derivatives and obligation transactions with banks. More than fifty pension funds in the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom make use of this platform. For them, we implement an annual sum of more than 120 billion Euros’ worth of underlying value in derivatives and obligations. We never act as the counterparty ourselves.

We conduct all our operational activities in a straight-through process. This is done to minimize operational risks. This process encompasses everything from order investment, order compliance, transaction execution and conformation to valuation, reconciliation, collateral management, EMIR/MIFID compliance and reporting.

Dutch roots

As a Dutch company with deep roots in the Dutch pension sector, we have an in-depth understanding of Dutch laws and regulations and the complex context within which pension funds operate. Our office is based in Rotterdam.