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Cardano in the Netherlands

Safe and adequate pension

We believe in a just society in which our pension system offers income security for all. That is why we work on the robustness of our system every day, together with our clients. We want people’s pensions to be safe and adequate, so everyone can enjoy their much-earned retirement.


The influence of human behaviour


We focus on the influence of human behaviour on the economy, the financial markets and our financial system. We seek to understand how this works. With our in-depth substantive knowledge, we eliminate unnecessary and unacceptable financial risks.


Managing Financial Risks


With this goal in mind and our understanding of risks, we have been helping pension funds manage their financial risks for twenty years now. We do this by implementing their LDI strategy – in a tailor-made fashion and as their partner – to ensure their balance sheet is robust and their coverage ratio develops in a stable manner. Together with around ninety employees, we implement the LDI strategies of fifty pension funds all over the world, twenty of which are based in the Netherlands.

We are Cardano, risk and pension specialists.