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Cardano Group

Cardano was founded in 2000 by Theo Kocken. Its objective is to create a society in which everyone can have a pension to guarantee a comfortable retirement, in order to contribute to a just society full of trust and tranquillity.

We are widely recognised as a market leader in the provision of specialised services to private-sector and collective pension schemes in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Our c. 500 professionals strive to deliver better and more secure financial outcomes: stability in an uncertain world.


Cardano Group includes four companies, each with its own services and market segment.

Cardano in the Netherlands

Cardano NL was founded in 2000. In the Netherlands, we specialise in the implementation of LDI portfolios of pension funds. With 80 colleagues, we work for 25 pension funds and various insurers.

Cardano in the United Kingdom

Cardano U.K. was founded in 2007. In the United Kingdom, we offer Advisory, Investment and Fiduciary Management services to pension funds.

NOW: Pensions

NOW: Pensions is a leading UK multi-employer master trust. Started in 2012, NOW: Pensions serve tens of thousands of employers and 1.8 million members from a wide range of sectors. Part of the Cardano Group, its mission is to help all members save for a better, more financially secure future

Cardano Development

Cardano Development is a not-for-profit, independent foundation set up and supported by the Cardano Group. The foundation focuses on creating and developing new, but above all, practical and scalable, solutions to mitigate extreme risks for end users in developing and frontier countries, such as currency risk, catastrophic risk or commodity price risks.