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  • Challenge your own narratives

    Every religious or political movement is a narrative. A story painting a picture about how the world works. Stefan Lundberg explains why it is so important to keep questioning the foundations of your own narratives.

  • Optimists are more succesful

    Optimistic people are more successful. Scientists gather more knowledge and insights about human brain and behaviour, translating it into practical applications for decision-making processes. Tali Sharot provides a number of practical brain hacks to exercise positive influence in groups.

  • We all suffer from wilful blindness

    We suffer from Wilful Blindness. CEO and management expert Margaret Heffernan suggests that diversity is a solution for Wilful Blindness. That’s why every group member is obliged to express his or her opinion in order to make better decisions.

  • Mariano Sigman explains how our brain works

    Mariano Sigman about the Secret Life of the Mind. Respected neuroscientist Mariano Sigman explains in simple terms what happens in our brain when we make decisions.

  • We are addicted to infinite growth

    We are addicted to infinite growth. The British professor Kate Raworth tells us in details about Doughnut Economy and how it contributes to a more sustainable world. In this interview she champions a new way of thinking about the economy in order to address the 21st century challenges.

  • Disciplines cause tunnel vision

    David Christian, found of the Big History Project, explains how everything is connected and how disciplines can cause tunnel vision.

  • Ray Dalio about his decision-making process

    Ray Dalio about his decision-making model. Ray Dalio shares his vision about corporate decision-making in an interview with Theo Kocken. “”Decision-making based on idea meritocracy works much better than sticking to your own ideas and beliefs. The only thing I want to get to is the right answer.”

  • ‘If you get math, you really love it.’

    Founder of Cardano, Theo Kocken, explains the fact that economy is a multidisciplinary approach which is more than just mathematics.